Friday, January 6, 2012

They are the 1 percent.

Occupy Providence Post

Today I went down to Burnside Park to check out the Occupy Providence movement. I will try to break this up into three paragraphs, the first with my observations, the second for analysis, and the third for tips on what I would do differently if going again or just tips to you guys. I met a handful of people in the movement and talked to three of them for a while. Their names were Patrick, Jason, and Chuck. There was a fourth guy, but he didn't say much and I didn't catch his name. Jason was the youngest I saw, maybe around the age of 20, give or take and he was proud to say he had been there since Day 1 of the Occupy movement. Patrick arrived a few days after Jason and I am not sure about Chuck or the other guy. Again neither said much, I'll get to that later. I first asked what the age range was of the people who occupied. They said there oldest people were in their 60's and their youngest was 16! I think that is way too young for something like that. They said he had been kicked out of school so it made a little more sense. I then asked how many people were involved in Occupy. They told me right now there was 30 people but it changes almost daily. Patrick said new people joined yesterday. I only saw 1 women there while I was there but there are probably more. The guys told me during the day sometimes people will go advocate and protest across the state, which made sense since there definitely weren't 30 people around. I talked to them at this stand they had set up. The best way to describe it is like a lemonade stand. Lastly I will end this paragraph with a quote from Patrick. I asked him what is the mission of the Occupy Providence. He told me that Occupy Providences goal is to "Help people help themselves."

Before visiting Burnside Park my opinion of the Occupy Providence movement was it was silly and stupid and so are the people in it. After visiting the park I have changed my mind. The Occupy Providence doesn't make any damn sense and I hate it with a passion. It is dumber know than I ever thought it was before. To start off 30 people protesting is not a movement, it is the size of a class at RIC. Secondly "help people help themselves" is a goal that can be achieved by going to college and getting a job, not by camping out. Just because people work hard and make alot of money doesn't mean people should protest about it. Thats just called capitalism, some people "win" and others "lose." Third, and this what outraged me the most, was these people were on drugs. Literally. While I was talking to them they were smoking stuff and Chuck and the other  guy were high as freakin kites. Thats why they didn't say much. Jason was smoking cigarettes constantly. These people don't have jobs because of the economy, its because they are drug addicts! They camp there because they would be homeless otherwise, its not a movement whatsoever. If America had 99% employment, the Occupy Providence people I met would be part of the 1% who were unemployed anyways. If the supposed "1 percent" acted like this video:, then yes America would be ridiculous but noone acts like that. These Occupy movements have gotten out of hand. Go to college and try to make your life better because camping in a tent is not helping ever.

Ok so you all know what I saw and how I feel but I know mostly everyone still has to go, so here are a few tips that I either did or would do differently. I'll just make it in bullet form.

- Go with someone if possible- I took someone and I am glad I did, it can be creepy there

- Try to avoid telling them you are from college, play it off like you are just passing through the park

- Wear gloves- You are probably going to have to shake their hands and they are not clean

- Bring change to park your car

That was my adventure to Occupy Providence. Can't wait to read everyone else's!


  1. Ahh I'm scared now! It was interesting reading your view on it!

  2. Well mike I didn't think you felt so strongly about the movement. When I mean strongly, I mean hate it with a passion. I don't know, I didn't really like what I saw at the park, but perhaps we are taking in the wrong message from them. Maybe they don't want to abolish capitalism, but just want a fairer chance to reach the American dream. We have to understand that back in the day people didn't have to go to college to get a job. Heck people were able to be nurses and teachers straight out of high school at one point. The future we know with having to attain a college degree to be half successful today, wasn't a requirement to have nice things before.