Tuesday, January 10, 2012


On the Tuesday before this class began my girlfriend and I went to the Providence Performing Arts Center to see Shrek the Musical. The play was very similar to the movie and ultimately the movie is a better watch (and much cheaper to see.) It is not a Disney movie so I did not want to include it in my Disney Princesses: To Be or Not to Be, That is the Question blog post. However even though it is not a Disney movie, it has many characters from the stories as Shrek is like a parody of Disney. It is my favorite animated film series and its message is better than any of the Disney films. The ending is similar to a Disney princess film but the difference is they are ogres. The ogre Shrek is shunned by society, as all ogres are. He then falls in love with this beautiful princess who becomes an ogre at night because of a spell. In the end she permanently becomes an ogre and her and Shrek live happily ever after. The morale is even someone different and "oppressed" can live happily ever after.


  1. solid movie. very insightful, I too liked how the Shrek movies used light-hearted comedy to show disapproval of the "Disney Princess" genre that has defined many of our generation's childhoods.

  2. Good point. It's also funny how many classic Disney characters are included as cameos in the series, and helpless characters in fact in need of Shrek's help. Art making changes as culture does, maybe an example of art imitating life.